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  Tips for Carving and Painting by Roz

Getting Ready to Paint - Setup

To setup to paint, I tape a piece of freezer paper (found in most grocery stores) down to the top of my workbench - the shiny side needs to be up. I super-saturate a folded paper towel and place it on the upper left portion of the freezer paper. I place my paints right on the wet paper towel.  As long as I keep that paper towel wet, my acrylic paints will stay workable.  Naturally I may need to replenish colors as they get used up. The oblong plastic container above the freezer paper is used to cover the paints at night to keep them from hardening.

I can usually paint off of this setup for up to a week - replenishing paints and adding fresh freezer paper as they get used up.  The rest of the freezer paper is used to put my different mixes on.  When mixing a color, I dip my brush in whatever colors are going in the mix and placing the dabs on a clean spot of the freezer paper, adding water whenever necessary.

On the right side of the freezer paper, I place my plastic water container on top of a dry folded paper towel, which is used for wiping my brushes. In my water container is a vinyl-coated large-mesh screen, which keeps my brushes from collecting paint scum after I have been painting awhile.  I seldom change my water. I feel that having a small amount of every color I use on a particular piece in the dirty water container is a way of unifying the paint job and having every color used be part of every paint mix.

You can see in the photo that I have an airbrush squirt bottle for adding large amounts of water either to dampen the paint paper towel or to dilute a mix for a wash. The other water container is a spray bottle. On very dry days, I sometimes use the spray to freshen the tops of the paint blobs.  Also you can see my can of paint brushes handily placed and ready for action.


Speaking of action, I had better get to “work” painting a baby bluebird. Check the Tips page often, as I will be showing you new “stuff” periodically.

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