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Decorative Lifesize Original Wildlife Sculpture

Baltimore Oriole (miniature)

The first spring that I lived in this house, I stretched a string the length of the property lines in the backyard.  I needed to have a fence put in to keep Sunshine (the yellow lab that was the light of my life at that time - she has since departed and left Savannah to warm my feet) from mooching food from the neighbors.  I had the string spliced in several places. One day I observed this male Oriole trying to untie and I guess, carry away my string to his nest.  He persisted for several minutes, but then gave up. I went through the house finding every piece of string that I could. Cutting short lengths of string and yarn of many colors, I draped the pieces over the property line string. The oriole came back and took all of the string. I searched the neighborhood high and low looking for the brightly colored strings of the nest, but never found it!  Each spring now I try to remember to put the strings out for the birds!

This little Oriole is made of tupelo wood and acrylic paint. I turned the base out of cherry wood.

Price: $400 US

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